Let Peace Guide All Mankind To Love One Another – Happy Holiday’s 2004/2005

                          Along Hallowed Ways
                 By: Ron Manclaw, ODM – Sr. Ch.   05122004
        [Dedicated to those who are choosing paths less traveled!]

   While you live, rejoice, as surely it’s a given - all of us can or must;
   but will it be said that you just resided here, hid out, then just died,
   with out ever having really lived; all your existence here just - dust.
   Will the angels echo and sing your story well or will they just abide -
   hidden in great forests of noise; choose well your life works’ trust!

   When you die, rejoice; most of us will become prisoners - lacking trust,
   in ourselves, our own ideas – some brilliant all knew you’d been a bless.
   Were ‘you’ truly tried and tested or just appealed to all the others’ lust.
   Will anyone – anywhere, echo your story or will it just be an ebb-tide;
   besting all you’ve ever done, so choose well the ones - you will not hide!

   Creator! again, I come to you - stripped so bare; only you now to trust.
   Spirit of God, abiding in me; I was errant and inside myself – I’d died.
   I knew my wrong’s had accountability; ask now forgiveness - as all must.
   Humbly, lost without you in my life, I’m so sorry I, to everyone, had lied.
   - Wandering all the forests, I realized t’was only you cared for each of us!

   Creator refresh me, cleanse me, keep me clean in this World of locust’s lust.
   Fill my spirit, ‘til I’m ready to rejoice, then let me stand, now, for all will see
   even fools can be redeemed - for I am wholly penitent; in thee - I do trust.
   In significance you turned all right that forever’d been lost and past by me.
   - When you saved me, in truth, you saved a World; now, no one needs to flee!

   Angel’s Chorus:  Your best thoughts come from the brightest part of your nites and days;
                    in your times of strangling angst - bewildering everyone, including thee.
                    In wholly sight, mighty solutions came; just faded away – fast; for days
                    that’d been countless – now lost, perhaps never, again, could anyone - see.


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