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February 29, 2004


1.   Project: “Humanitarian HIV/AIDS Pastoral Care Network – USA Model 5 YR Statistical Test”

2.   Project Location:  Pompano Beach, Florida and 25 USA Regions

3.   All Faiths-based Board of Directors HPCN, Inc., Senior Chaplain Ron Manclaw

       1738 West Las Olas Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL (USA) 33312-7517  (954) 524-8150

4.   TAXPAYER/FEIN Number:  65-0355654



     PANDEMIC EXPLOSION. AIDS still has no known cure, some vaccines/therapies are under

     development and HIV (the virus) is demonstrating to be mutating (HIV 1 and HIV 2). A 2003

     Cost Effective, Home Test is now available from HPCN which tests for both HIV 1 and HIV 2

     Viruses; within 15 minutes.  This will be provided to our model group!    Note: Even HERPES

      still has no known cure. 


     All pathogenic diseases are becoming resistive to every antibiotic treatment and known disease –

     inhibitor protocols.  There is currently no working model in the USA (or within the World) that is

     being implemented to deal with this pandemic that within two years will be the largest lethal epi-

     demic ever effecting mankind World-wide (all ages, all races, all creeds, all colors, all sexes). 

     HPCN has a cost effective pastoral care implementation program, with health support, testing

     and education plan that is very practical (involves Center For Disease Control and The University

     of Miami – School of Medicine Projects “INSIGHT” and “SHARE”, for prevention, plus our

     program deals with confirmed victims disease and general health and well being by increasing

     every individual’s general health, reducing stress and by increasing their basic immunology and

     their willingness, resolve and ability to fight these diseases.  The HPCN plan requires establishing

implementation staging (with proper testing and measuring) increasing the involvement of this

     humanitarian implementation and model testing.  We seek to serve a minimum of 1 million

     disease victims plus promote education and testing to over 50% of the USA population which has

     had no disease testing of any kind including HIV screening.  We will use basically twelve clinicians

     and clinical support personnel (7-12 clinicians, one intake social worker/specialist plus two (2)

     support staff and a Senior Clinician manager); also, paid volunteers (from the populations served

     and from the adjunct schools and universities in those areas.  The up to 1100 clinics will be sup-

     ported by the Regional Support Centers and by the Headquarters in Florida.  Additionally, a

     Project Management Team (ODM) will be in place for all major project interface functions in-

     cluding but not limited to: Audit, IT, Legal, Accounting, Computer, Video, Communications,

Documentation, Statistical Modeling/Testing, et. al.  The direct labor will be up to 13,400 people.


  [Note: This HPCN HUMANITARIAN IMPLEMENTATION is expected will save a huge number

    of lives, and significantly reduce excessively costly depression, despair, anxiety, hopelessness, and

    is designed  to help most at-risk groups (lower socio-economic, the under-educated, drug addicted

    and mentally unstable (so-called street people), and effectively deal with the severe late stage AIDS

    sickness, death and dying issues.  This specifically includes the populations problems of spreading

    this insidious infections, the prolonged hospice and hospitalization issues, suicide and dementia

    counseling and therapy concerns. 

    General Note: we will NOT be directly dealing with medical protocols, or direct drug costs.  HPCN

support group ancillary benefits will be huge including:

increase in productivity of those we serve;

follow-up - on whether or not the individuals are, in fact, taking their medications (as

medically prescribed) including all the contra-indication and reaction problems;


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    Improvement in all the victims mental health - being expected to be enhanced as their

    diminished dependency on drugs, pharmaceuticals, and all other support services are

    greatly reduced;

    Educate, introduce, provide wide distribution networking and necessary follow-on for new 

    vaccines and/or treatments - as may become available;

    Increased general health through regimen of vitamins and supplements, et. al..


[The normally associated very scary, high cost/high tech medical facilities and support services will

  be dramatically reduced and they are not currently being costed (nor planned for) by the U.S 

  government - in any (known), budgeted, way.]





This is expected to become a replicatable, non-political, WORLD-wide Detection, Education, Clinical Therapy Support Model.


-This HPCN model, as we will test it; tested with the associated high comparative costs within the

  USA, should be able to be replicated – WORLDWIDE, scaled to implementation countries economy

  (for competitive costs and support) and with our HPCN guidance, or by our assigns (under the

  HPCN model controls and with all the developments, enhancements and aids can be implemented

  without individual governmental, nor significant religious nor even ordinary tribal influences!

  This HPCN model does not deal with nor promote any specific medical drug protocols nor are we 

  including any costs for specific drugs or pharmaceuticals. We encourage exhausting all preventive

  strategies current accepted and available, and we recommend individuals remain vigilant as regards

  HIV/AIDS and other STD testing and when diagnosed with any disease seek all recognized medical

  and alternative measures to treat the disease(s) involved; however, HPCN is involved with mind,

  body, heart and spirit issues of all people and especially for all victims.]


  This model as will be tested we be able to be acknowledged and certified as a major non-govern-

  mental based health support initiative is targeted for implementation at a cost of:

$5/day per victim served in the USA; targeted at $2.50/day or less around the world – after model

   testing in the USA .]


6.   Dollar amount of this project is (As  Requested) USD plus rolls and extensions; after 5 years.


7.   Experience: HPCN, Inc. was incorporated by many faith based religious and spiritual leaders

      to plan to meet the anticipate epidemic to come with the problems of immunology and infection

      by the HIV virus. We have subsequently determined that there are many significant associated

      health problems with sexually transmitted diseases. For example, Hepatitis C can be spread in

      many ways including with sexual transmission. While the HIV virus when exposed to air appears

      to have a comparatively short life span (usually described in minutes), the Hepatitis C virus may

     live for years.  Jewish Federations, Catholic Dioceses, Catholic ‘Sister’ Managed Hospitals,

     many individual protestant religions (especially Presbyterian, Episcopalian, Lutheran, Muslim

     and specialty service spiritual organizations, lay street ministry, deacons, and elders)  have been

     involved from near the beginning in 1995.   The Senior Pastor/Chaplain is elected to serve by the

     HPCN Board of Directors.

     -  We have been involved with the CDC- Atlanta and University of Miami, School of Medicine –

Epidemiological Studies (Projects and Studies), and with other Medical Centers, and the Public

     Health Department programs including testing and evaluating for most of the last nine (9) years.

     For many years, we have been certified as a delivery component HIV/AIDS Care under the United

     States of America - Federal Government’s Ryan White Foundation.




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     -  Our HPCN staff and Board of Directors are all senior staff from their respective religious

affiliations.  In addition, our senior management staff have been Project, Program and General

     Managers for major programs of very high technology for over 35 years.  The HPCN ministry

     currently interface to over 1100  affiliated HIV/AIDS ministries on a regular basis and to many

     times that number via radio and other channels especially as regards education and prevention

     issues including to the US Virgin Islands.  One local Fort Lauderdale, spirit-filled, Christian-based

     radio network, with which we have worked, with their food bank, touches an estimated 1.6 billion

     people Worldwide per day -  HPCN regularly interfaces with governmental regulators, religious

     hierarchy, individual  street ministry and faith-based support organizations on a daily basis with a

     record of success in service delivery accomplished by attention to task and by the requirements to

     provide excellent and necessary service in a very cost effect manner.


8.  Other Principals of Organization: Board of Directors: Co-Executive Director, Senior Women’s

Pastor/Chaplain Rev. Dyana Hesse; Co-Executive Director, Director of Marriage and Family

     Therapy - Clinician Captain Thomas Hamer; CFO – Hugo Schielke (former President/CEO

     World Bank); Karen Shoemaker Director “GUIDE OUR DESTINY” Television/Documentaries,

     Radio, Communications;Caribbean Ministry Chaplains: Rev. Josh and Rev. Judith Peralta;

     Carol Strong King - Director; G.B. Carl, Corporate Secretary; General Counsel/Muslim Ministry

     M. Lawson (17 Years, U.S. Dept of Justice); Director, Medical Support Services - R. Sawaya, MD;

     Peter Refeiner, Director of IT and Computer Operations (InCube); Director of Communications

     Engineering Support Services - Nicholas D. Harrison Outside Independent Auditor, Howard

     Isaacs, CPA


9.    Financial Information:

          A.  Duration of Project Five (5) Years Minimum Study

          B.  Amount to Be Spent of a Yearly Basis and Each Year: $1.4 Billion USD

C.     Funds Must Be Present To Begin Operations: 90 days To Initiate and Begin Operations




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