Press Release!
March 31, 2011

   To Whom It May Concern:

   We are in receipt of information that Alvin Hansen, yet - again - as
   Himself and/or as:
   AKA PennibancTrust - Address unknown
   AKA John Hansen, et al. - Medford, Oregon
   AKA The Hansen Family - Medford, OR ; (all of the above, are counterfit
   ~ acting as our "Official Representative(s)" of:
   -  HIV/AIDS Pastoral Care Network - WORLDWIDE, Inc.;
   and/or as:
   - Open Door Ministry, Inc;
   and/or the,
   - Open Door Ministries, Inc.

   [General Note: ODM is  the operating/program implementation portion of
   the ministry operations for HPCN-W, Inc.]

   Please note that the HIV/AIDS Pastoral Care Network - WORLDWIDE,
   Inc. is a legally constituted, since 1997, recently audited, Internal
   Revenue Service approved and monitored 501.c.3 Humanitarian Ministry;
   and it's sole Fiduciary, is the Reverend Dr. Ron Manclaw.

   Since getting out of jail in 2010, yet again, Mr. Hansen - has set
   about - to maliciously maligned - our elected Senior Chaplain,
   Reverend Dr. Ron Manclaw and/or other Senior Board of Directors.
   General Note: He did the same thing six or seven years ago to Woman's
   Ministry Head - Reverend Dyana Hesse, Reverend Geraldine B. Carl
   (Founder and Board of Directors, Secretary) and also against the
   Reverend Dr. Ron Manclaw; after Dr. Manclaw and the Reverend Dyana
   Hesse provided his expensive bail (from Medford, Oregon jail) and then
   provided his living expenses for a period of time until he voluntarily
   moved back to California from Alabama.  When he moved back to CA,
   the expense monies stopped and the abuse started.

   Again, as audited by the USA - IRS, CPA Howard Isaacs (Boca Raton, FL)
   this ministry NEVER received a penny from any of the Hansen's, from the
   Federal Government - Dept of Treasury; from US Government TARRP funds -
   for the
   Bank of Italy.

   Prior to this period, Mr Alvin Hansen, as PennibancTrust, Inc. had
   the HIV/AIDS Pastoral Care Network - WORLDWIDE, Inc. as a major
   beneficiary of funds he had been awarded and received from a legal
   decision negotiated, in 1991, by the then Attorney General, Ms. Janet
   Reno, of the United States of America against Defendants: Bank of
   and Citigroup, Inc. and their insurance carrier: The Farmers Group of
   Insurance Companies.

   The HPCN-W, Inc Minisistry (whose Prime Directive is service to Orphans
   Worlwide, Inc.) involved a direct grant of $10 B USD and then an
   additional behest of $2B USD from deposits (administered by the US
   Departmment of Treasury, supervised by the FBI lost a deposit made into
   the Bank of China; verified as made to the Bank of China.

   None of the funds were ever received by the ministry inspite of many
   attempts. General Note: approximately five (5) years ago,  Mr. Alvin
   also tried to involve our Senior Board of Directors and/or Reverend Dr.
   Manclaw in his schemes to defraud the ministry and/or Dr. Manclaw and/or
   other of his Senior Board of Directors.

   All Correspondence MUST BE SENT as Certified Correspondence and
   should be directed to:
   Board of Directors
   The HIV/AIDS Pastoral Care Network - WORLDWIDE, Inc.
   121 Nebraska Circle, Sebastian, FL  (USA) 32958-0607
   Hdqr's: 1-954-972-6000  eMail: chmanclaw ( at )

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