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December 1st, 2011

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   Dear Ministry Friend,
   Aids Ribbon
   As I write you today, on World AIDS Day, this is the 30th year of our Ministry's
   involvement here in the USA (and later around the World)   - we are in the midst
   of an epidemic. We have HIV-I and HIV-II and Full Blown AIDS!  Not an epidemic
   that we simply hear about on TV,in the Movies or that affects places we’ve
   been to, but an epidemic that affects our neighbors, friends and thousands in
   our local communities.

   Florida is home to the 3rd largest population of those infected with HIV in the
   nation. One in every 205 white men, one in every 113 Latino men, and one in
   every 42 African American men is living with the AIDS virus in our state.
   Nationally, AIDS is the leading cause of death among young African American women.
   Critical funding for AIDS education, prevention and drug assistance programs in
   Florida has taken a beating under the Republican-led Legislature’s budget
   whacking policies of the last decade. Florida already has the longest wait list
   in the nation for the drug assistance program, now, with over 3,900 people in
   need of lifesaving medication. Under our new Gov. Medical Dr. Rick Scott and
   our current GOP controlled Legislature, unfortunately the future does not look
   very bright for these programs, for treatment of STD's or for sexual education.

   In October, my friend from the NASA space program days - US Senator Bill Nelson
   - joined Sir Elton John - in bringing awareness to a record number of Americans
   and specifically local Floridians  living with HIV/AIDS and the pligght of
   thousands of Floridians who are in danger of losing their medication due to
   budget cuts. President Obama has championed the cause, asking the US Congress
   for an increase in funding for AIDS programs. Today, the White House called me
   and indicated they had achieved a major new - additional commitment to AIDS
   programs in the USA and World. Now, we must demand the same of our Florida leaders.

   Too many Floridians  nearly 10,000 peoople  are dependent on these lifesaving
   programs. We must demand from our elected officials that these programs, and AIDS
   prevention and education, receive the funding that they need to save lives and
   prevent the spread of disease.

   You can get involved in the events of World AIDS Day (and for the rest of the
   next year, too); and join many thousands of people across the nation   including
   President Obama  in working to to educate and prevent the disease from spreading.

   Thanks to all of you who have helped our ministry to feed, cloth and protect orphans
   - all over the World.  As you all know, we lost our Founder, Geraldine B. Carl last
   New's Years Eve. She is gone but her cause is not completed - as yet.



   Reverend Dr. Ron Manclaw
   FL 2-1-1  Emergency Service(s)  1-954-975-9600 Elected Senior Chaplain, HPCN-W, Inc.

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