by:   Reverend Dr. Ron Manclaw, POET ADVOCATE  20080704-05RM

   Father, Mother - Heavenly Creator, ah yes, Great 'HOLY' Ghost…
   we come to you with ‘our prayer’ to ask you our Heavenly Host
   for spiritual insight, understanding, guidance,
   There is no joy nor forgiveness we know of to seek from the dove
   when your Word says, ‘No!’ or 'Woe to those who call evil good.'

   America…‘Home of the brave!’, ‘Land of the free!’ turned heads
   - our hearts, our intuitive sight and all knowing; safe in our beds.
   All are God’s children - many starved, some shot in their heads,
   a lot with sick parents, even more exploited and sexually abused.
   We’ve corrupted all of our values; I am sure you are NOT amused.

   Our leaders have lost their spiritual equilibrium - thus so have ‘us’.
   Taking short cuts guarantees we always get cut short and…must.
   We reward laziness as welfare; hazard as actuarially acceptable;
   polluted pornography in media, news, internet, tv is so detestable.
   Abortion’s a justifiable convenience or choice; disciplined esteem.

   We allow abusive politics, some call it power - know it’s just killing.
   Show us a spouse that won’t and we know a neighbor that’s willing
   and so taking all our neighbors possessions is ambitious blessing.
   Wake us up lest we lose ourselves forgetting values taught by all
   parents was wealth worth having here in life’s enlightenment hall.

   2nd Century Rededication To:  “No (WORLD) country and no
   people can be free and ignorant…at the same time.”
                                               Thomas Jefferson


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