Precious Moments – A Chaplain’s Story

                                              By: Ron Manclaw   12252003-OL


[Take a deep breath and close your eyes – now.  Please!  Just take a moment to remember – when was the last time that you really made someone gleefully happy, or just removed someone’s pain or really positively impacted some one?  What I’d like you to specifically try and recall is that one really special moment when you looked into those eyes (or into their soul) of that person that you were helping - probably more than you will ever know. It is almost always is certain that this will be a time when your being very selfless. 

All of these times, I call them my “precious moments” are really very rare, even for me, and I am - a service chaplain.] 


                         So, if you are ready now, GOD, let the anointing begin:


  Chaplain’s are special, spiritual people from every religious dogma, doctrine and scene

  In service to all of humanity, its people, its problems, and all those with special needs.

  When the weathers in-climate or a floods on the way; when child’s screams are obscene;

  or a riot’s too violent; and when someone’s catastrophically hurt, lame, or just bleeds,

  then, look there very closely, you’ll often see someone helping anointed special like me.



   In this life some seek searching long and hard, while others will just find, in their genes,

   that after they have chosen GOD, his spirit, as their personal savior, or his holy seed;

   our Creator will indeed reward them opportunity or just place in their path – dreams,

   and, where their showing up is equal to the task, as they’re the person chosen to lead;

   then, given all special gifts necessary to heal, restore, succeed and sometimes just see.



   Enough, now, of background to my actual event, t’was night now this Christmas eve,

   All around Planet Earth there was much hoopla and holler; no one, yet, for me to meet.

   Went outside my Pompano office, it was crisp and quiet – still no task up to my means.  

   Perhaps this year, I mused, I might actually go home - no special assignment or need;

   then, it come direct and clear to me, “Go to ‘my children’ was my special place to be.”



   Empowered by the Creator of all, specially chosen, is truly much more than it seems!

   Some quickly go on to glory, kill dragons or go down to dungeons - demons to beat.

   Chaplain’s serve, too, as trusted and accepted; perhaps our skills have to be more keen,

   this was true for me just holding little one’s hands or helping them to stand, a big feat.

   Then, to witness unbridled joy and love, delight and glee; was it for GOD or just me?



  All was quiet, this night, as the staff resigned them sleep - all the little faces beamed.

  I signed myself in and went about my rounds on ‘our Father’s business’, it was so neat.

  God and I, saw to each of the little hurt ones; for no one ever comes, anymore, it seems

  for these kids’ siblings, in terror, scream and their parents get depressed and very beat.

  Then, just about midnight, Creator smiled on one baby with me; took it home to be free!


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