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February 29, 2004


1.   Project: “Humanitarian HIV/AIDS Pastoral Care Network – USA Model 5 YR Statistical Test”

2.   Project Location:  Pompano Beach, Florida and 25 USA Regions

3.   All Faiths-based Board of Directors HPCN, Inc., Senior Chaplain Ron Manclaw

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    Among the HPCN Security Model – Significant Parameters/Considerations Are:

*  HIV Infusion Inhibitors                                *  Int’l Models/Programs Quals

           (Fuzeon T-20; Enfuvirtide)                    *  Economic Outlook/Policy

*  Access To Justice                                            *  Conservative & Labor Markets – Support & Obstacles

*  Benefactors                                   *  Children and Family Policy

*  Civil Rights and Liberties                              * Education: University Medical School

*  Comparative Transgenics                                    - Centers For Disease Control & Prevention

*  Home Test Kits $19.95 +S/H                         * Electronic Devices/Manufacturers – Rife, et. al.

     - (<15 Minutes – Incl HIV 1 and HIV 2)     * Five (5) Year Budgets

*  Homeland Security                                         * World Disaster (HIV/AIDS) Areas – AIDS & Orphans

*  Bulk/Retail Pharmacy Support                     * Health Care – Major Hospitals and Centers With Us

*  Media – Include’g HPCN Guide Our Destiny   – Ministry Centers For Disease Control & Prevention

*  Medicare/Medicaid                                         *  Retiree Related Health Care HPCN Issues

*  State & Local Issues – Div of Child. & Fam.*  Social Security/HCFA

*  Humanism-Man is the measure of all things*  Environmental Issues

    -Versus Humanitarism, Inalienable Rights  * Spirituality (Creator is part of all of life)  

- Constitution Versus Common Law -                   - Heritage and Religious Issues

     (Courts - Are Not Subject To The People)       - Government Versus GOD/Creator

*  Military/Terrorism                                                     [Creator V.  Society Compromise(s)]

*  Taboos and Societal - Dogma Issues             * World Health Organization and Foreign Policy

*  Trade Issues                                    


General Information – HIV/AIDS



By the beginning of the 3rd Millennium – 2000, more than 800,000 people, in the USA had contracted AIDS (Acquired   Immuno-Deficiency   Syndrome) and over another 950,000 had contracted HIV (the Human Immunodeficiency Virus Causing AIDS).  Whatever happened to: “A healthy, romantic, love relationship is respect - one for the other?” AIDS was first discovered and categorized in 1981 in the USA.  (Note: By 2004, less than 50% of the USA had ever been tested and 1/3 of those tested have never received their results.   In very high HIV disease reporting areas such as in San Francisco, CA; Washington, D.C.; New York City, N.Y.; southern Florida - anyone with three or more new partners,  practicing unprotected sexual within the past 12 months now has a significant probability of having contracted some sexually transmitted and/or opportunistic disease; some have contracted HIV and all should be tested.)


[HPCN is able to make available, when funded,  Home Test Kits $19.95 +S/H - (this a simple test; with results  in <15 Minutes – Includes testing for both HIV 1 and HIV 2); as part of our replicatable model].


                                    General Information – HIV/AIDS





It is caused by a virus (HIV) that has very tiny cells as compared with all other sexually transmitted diseases (easier to contract).  Again, this means that everyone has a very high risk of being infected when

they engage in unprotected sexual relations with infected partners. And, so it is in this manner that the HIV to be spread – now, pandemic-ally, in the USA and Worldwide. [Note: by way of comparison only,

the USA has approximately 5% of the Worlds population.]





The areas of the body where HIV is sexually spread are as follows:  most commonly spread through the vaginal lining , the rectum, a penis, a vulva, or, even, the mouth - during individual or group sex.

Please Note: bodily changes occur - daily and while sex (even with an infected partner) may not occur today (with you); it might have already occurred before you today (with your partner and them with a different partner) and it may even occur later today, tonight or tomorrow or, even right now, with different partner or the same partner and you – especially in a group sex situation.  


How can this be true or happen?   Open sores, nicks on sexual privates during the heat of passion; and, with large or very large male sexual organs; or, with prolonged intercourse (especially with the popular tantric and/or via group sex); or with sexual toys, can cause tearing, ripping, even a minor un-noticeable tears - within these areas which can spread any or all of these diseases.  Also, bleeding gums, mouth sores, cold sores, and other open skin abrasions or irritations (especially coming in contact within the private sexual areas) can easily spread any or all of these sexual or other closely associated, opportunistic diseases.  HIV can also be spread through contact with infected blood.

Today, because of blood screening and heat treatments, the risk of getting the HIV, and/or other opportunistic disease is extremely small – normally under 5%.  The other most common frequent infection factor is sharing needles or syringes and medical instruments including thermometers.


Mothers can, unfortunately, transmit HIV to their babies during pregnancy and especially at birth [up to 1/3 of untreated women will infect their babies – in this way; many more mothers will infect their babies (and their lovers) with their mother’s breast milk.]


While no one can be 100% positive or sure about kissing (especially passionate/French and other deep tongue kissing with major exchanges of bodily fluids) – especially after one or both partners have been kissing private sexual parts; generally because of the properties of saliva, while increased risk is involved it is probably less of a problem.  We could not find any scientific evidence, anywhere, that HIV or AIDS is spread through urine, feces, tears or sweat.   We do know that unsanitary conditions promote disease.  Remember: while HIV bacteria in bodily fluid may only live for a few minutes when exposed to sunlight or the air;  that Hepatitis C bacteria can and do live for years like this.  Doctors are beginning to see victims with Hepatitis C and not HIV – very shortly have both diseases.  (The unfortunate reality is that they may be getting both infections from the same partner – at different times.) 



                                    AN   IMPORTANT   WARNING   NOTICE TO   EVERYONE


[HPCN – does not preach nor endorse abstinence as being any responsible method of preventing becoming infected with sexually transmitted or other opportunistic diseases because it is clear that anyone can be infected if they are not knowledgeable, do not use sanitary measures or are careful

and use protection – all simultaneous and inclusively.    Please be careful having sex, or even preliminarily playing with your new partners, or even with your regular partner’s private (sexual) organs without protection and plus use all sanitary conditions.]



Some Related Biblical Verse(s)/Facts – Sexual Life Style Considerations (without comments or explanation) that ‘you’ might consider:


2nd Peter – all  (GOD certainly has a uniquely, CREATIVE-sense of humor)

Hebrews Chapter 13, Verse 4

Proverbs 6th Chapter Verse 27 and 32.

Leviticus’ Chapter 18 Chapter 20/22 and 29.

1st Corinthians Chapter 6 Verse 9.



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