Hiding In Plain Sight! 03302004

By: Chaplain Ron Manclaw, Sr. Ch./IANDS Co-Facilitator, s. FL

The Meadow – A Eulogy”

Delivered By: Ron Manclaw 03262004


The meadow is always freshly green with a lush flora of inviting new growth …

Spring! [No matter when a visitor/traveler arrives it is always Spring,

here – at the meadow.]

It is alive and brightened by a vast variety of colors and hues – like colored, lighted

(iridescent) wildflowers. In the distance, look now, and you will see what appears

as a bright ivory – white chiseled face from out of the iron pyrite (red) iron rock –

out-cropping of something like a huge boulder wall.

It is here to this place, or one like it, (everyone gets to choose their own), that we

(each) take the best and worst of ourselves – our intellect, our memories, our heart,

everything but our vessel (our body) when we pass. It is exactly, now, as it always

was – timeless.

‘Sanctuary’ - is a place for all sanctioned beings.

No human could begin to create what, I have witnessed. It has always been simply

Afforded, by Creator, to all who would come here. This is a place to rest, to renew,

to universally resolve and synchronize; it is a place far beyond the current, meager

level of human development best yet expressed by id, ego and superego – but it is a

station where we also optimize (coming and going) our spiritual senses including

our ‘Intuition, Telepathy, Frequency Shifting [EHF - hemi-synch equilibrium (the

best I have been able to describe it so far is that it is able to be achieved by most

all sanctioned earth beings (spiritual, human, the ‘other-earth forms’) who would

simply try to achieve it) well beyond very high frequency -VHF and it is, at one

both simultaneous and independent – leading to another individual spiritual sense

called - Synchronicity. Plus: Composite.]

It is all happening here within the meadow in what are like ‘caves’ or, as I prefer

to call them, ‘rooms of plenty’. Others who come after me will ‘call’ /(‘ skein’)

these areas as they may be more ‘enlightened’ than me! [Here, on an Earthly

plane, some might describe this experience, we enjoy, as like we would be ‘hiding

in plain sight’!] In the meadow it is a multi-sensory freedom, using all human

(except for touch sense)/all other sanctioned beings’ senses, except touch, and with

all spiritual senses heightened in a tacit peace.

Libby described her previous NDE trip to the meadow as one that was truly

liberating, (for her), with outstanding advantages in that it comes without any

instructions and there was no clean-up nor environmental concerns! [Something

that all humans MUST redress as a covenant with our Creator (and with Mother

Nature and the Great ‘Holy’ Spirit (of GOD)).] “The booming voice (that Libby

Isaacs reported hearing during her NDE in the Meadow), an existence verified in

numerous religious written dogma, said that she had to go back – the first time she

visited here – ‘was magnificently silent this time.’”

The Meadow

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The ‘rooms of plenty’ are within the giant sweep of textured black streaks, across

the base of the very large boulder head rising out of the meadow. Within this un-

ending abyss of the moving phantasmagoria of shapes, colors, designs and sizes,

here, at the meadow, at first you almost do not see the ‘rooms of plenty’ amid

the textured black streaks across the base of the boulder’s out-cropping. But, “Oh

Yeah! Oh, Yea!” they are there and they suddenly explode and gleam into many

rays of precious gold, silver, platinum, crystalline, and diamond dust, too!

The ‘gleam’ is her light – bright (magnified) as ‘she’ now travels freely around

the overhanging ledges here at the meadow, ‘her meadow’. Magnificent sounds

to behold, too.

Smells from ancient and old lore abound and they are not mythical (as described

by the grandfathers’) but are very real. – They are the stuff of ‘new life’, a life

beyond and without boundaries, a life lived in and within uncontained radiance’

a life blessed by the Creator (unique to your own understanding)! And, I thank

God for my special gift’s ‘to see’ and ‘to be’ – here, with my beloved sister.

Fire’ beams from out of her eyes to light our path here in ‘the meadow’. It

comes down to her from high above in the clear blue sky. Reflections dance from

the hallowed walls – yet not following any contours exactly – they ebb an flow,

ebb and flow throughout the Meadow. Or, are these the sounds of the waves,

and of other influence that MUST be coming from the great waters - below? The

sounds – ebb and flow, ebb and flow – ‘touching hands’ washing (with tides and

waves washing ashore) washing us – in renewal, a caring cleanse, healing us – in

a great peace for whatever time that it takes; perhaps for an eternity for some.

We danced, Libby and I in ‘the meadow’/‘her meadow’ as we move through all

senses there and those of the wildflowers, other flowers, flora, moss, and loess

here in all of this fauna.

Although she does not signal or says not a word, we just know (that we know)

how happy and filled to over-flowing both her spirit and World have become –

now that they are once, again, rejoined – as just one. We know very soon that

we can not stay here except for this ‘precious moment’ (except for this special

time) or it will NOT be by chance; but we would be ordained to stay here, too.

Then, in the briefest of moments, the lady closed her eyes and we were trans-

ported to beyond all of these highs!

Libby’s Meadow, the Meadow, is an ideal place for her; but it is an ‘I (MUST)

DEAL (WITH)’ place for us. Libby asked me to tell you that, “if you must

grieve for her loss, here, then know that she is exactly where she wanted to go;

and, do not be surprised if she is there to greet you – where ever it is that you

choose to go when it is your time to become ‘the traveler’.”

Dearest ‘Sister’ - Rest In This Special Peace that you have chosen for yourself.

The Meadow

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Libby’s Meadow is some distance after you cross over the bridge; (*)

It is beyond two (2) of the barriers; but, only for those who are travelers

already Death and Near Death Experiencers)!

Note #1: I’ve visited Libby, in the meadow, her garden, twice, now. The first

time was at Boca Raton, FL Community Hospital in ICU (after regular visiting

hours and witnessed by a very ‘enlightened’ ICU nursing supervisor) at a time

when most all her regular doctors and medical staff had expected her to pass on

during that evening between December 25th and New Years Eve (over two long

year ago and now. Libby asked why I thought that she had come back, again,

because she said that she did not have a clue. I told her that I believed that it

had something to do with her immediate family and something to do with her

helping me to do something - together.

Note #2: A year to the day and hour that she came back, with me, from ‘the

meadow’/‘her meadow’ a spontaneous, unexpected birth of a grandson – her

one and only grandchild occurred.

Note #3: Two years, two and ½ months after Libby came back, with me, from

the meadow’/‘her meadow’ and almost exactly a month after our mutual friend

Dr. Barbara Rommer, MD passed on and Libby had always called our local

south Florida IANDS group - her support group. I believe both now support

one another somewhere in …

Amen, Amen, and Amen !

Chaplain Ron Manclaw, Sr. Ch.

Open Door Ministry

Part of Elizabeth (Libby) Isaacs Eulogy [a Universal Sister who adopted me] delivered

@ Hospice By The Sea, in Boca Raton, FL – inspired by Libby’s NDE narrative and

delivered by Chaplain Ron Manclaw on Friday March 26th, 2004. Libby was another

soul ‘hiding in plain sight’ along with our dearly departed friend Barbara Rommer,

MD formerly of Holy Cross Hospital Medical Group, author of “Blessings In Disguise

- the less than positive Near Death Experiences”, and founder and a co-facilitator of

our south Florida IANDS (International Association of Near Death Studies) group.

[Note: during Dr. Rommers’ Eulogy, at the Holy Cross Hospital Chapel, many people

felt Dr. Rommer was still close; and, in fact, those who had said this also said that they

had had to virtually re-plan her whole Memorial service. I had said that I knew that

Dr. Rommers’ influence here wasn’t completed – yet. It is now my belief that this

great healer, Barbara Rommer, MD wasn’t going to leave while one of her group was

in so much pain. Rest Well, Ladies, In This ‘Special Peace’ That You Have Chosen!]

(*) traveler(s) – Death or Near Death Experiencer’s

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