Wild Flowers

By: Ron Manclaw   02012004-OL



My eyes fill as I crossover the next peak

                             lifting more hearts like a meteor showers.

                              With, love and joy, it’s a banquet of flowers

                              unique, yet not as Creator did in one week.



                              Roses wild – smell nice and are very pretty

                              but are never quite the like of long stems.

                              And, diamonds and rubies are brightest of gems

                              while stars in the sky twinkle more witty.



                              My life passes tossing over ebb, oft in flow

                              Some sifting in detail, others looking at holes.

With commitment to caring, kind minded souls

get many things planted yet not all to hoe.



                             Clouds roll by – shades and shapes very pretty

                              none ever reveal as much as they cover or seal.

                              Strangers knowing smiles suggest gusto and zeal

                              But, was the glimpse knowing, real or just witty.



My deeds may seem wild yet not all are petty

Some quite unique – just so much like thee;

in all shapes and sizes we’re pleasing to see

like in fields’ wildflowers seem more pretty.




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