You inspire me.

Clinton Foundation

Dr Ron,

No matter what the challenge, you have refused to look away.

Your work with the Clinton Foundation is a daily inspiration to me.

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Join me in helping African farmers build better lives by June 25 and I will match any gift you can make, dollar for dollar, up to $100,000.
In my travels around the world, I've seen too many people who don't have the tools they need to strengthen their communities and create a better future for themselves and their families. In Rwanda and Malawi, many children are still unable to go to school, many parents can't afford improvements to their homes, and many farming communities remain at the mercy of the weather.

Our work is already starting to make an incredible impact in these countries, and I'm certain that, together, we can help them build a stronger future. And that is all because of you.

Because you refuse to look away when someone is in need, and refuse to assume someone else will solve a problem, we've been able to help thousands of farmers in Rwanda and Malawi increase their yields, find better prices for their harvests, and create a more stable future for themselves and their families.

Your action serves as an inspiration every day,
so I am personally offering to match all donations you make by June 25, dollar for dollar, up to $100,000 to help us improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

As one young Clinton Foundation supporter has shown, anyone can make a life-changing impact.

When 11-year-old Caroline of Ossining, New York, heard about our work to help farmers in Rwanda and Malawi earn enough to feed their families, go to the doctor, and send their kids to school, she wanted to help. So she held a bake sale to benefit my Foundation. Her hard work raised $91, which she sent in a white envelope along with a drawing and a letter saying she wanted to help farmers in Africa support their families.

And she has.

Her $91 donation is enough to help a farmer plant 300 mango trees — trees that will nourish a community, improve the environment, and help provide a steady, livable income for a family.

With Caroline's touching contribution, we're on our way to meeting our ambitious goal of reaching 100,000 farmers in Rwanda and Malawi, but I'm counting on people like you to take us the rest of the way.

Join Caroline and me in helping African farmers build better lives for their families, and I'll personally match your gift, dollar for dollar.

Your support of the Clinton Foundation has made an immeasurable impact on this world, and I cannot thank you enough. Together, we can build a better future.

— Bill Clinton

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