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Dr. Ron Manclaw, is a Sworn Officer - Chief Judge of Broward county; an ad Litem.

  • Expert Witness, Health Care Certification(s), Forensic Medicaid/Medicare Fraud,
  • Private - Confidential Professional Counseling Services To Professionals and to your personal Families
  • Working as a critical link between patients (including Case management) and all healthcare providers, all payers (private, insurance and public), and patients, the RHIA/T's:

  • We are an expert consultants in managing extremely complex critical care plans, conflicting patient health information and clinical medical records, administering computer information systems - with InCube, Inc. - IT support services, collecting, over-viewing, reviewing and analyzing patient data, and using state-of-art classification systems, test equipment and medical technolgy (including Nuos(R - Transpersonal) terminologies.
  • Possess comprehensive knowledge of broad educational, clinical, forensic medical, administrative, ethical and legal requirements and standards related to healthcare delivery and the privacy of protected patient (Hipaa) information.
  • Reports to Board of Directors - manage hospitals, clinics, legal reviews, licensed and unlicensed people, doctors,clinicians, therapists - clinical and operational units, participates in administrative committees, and prepares budgets.
  • Define or Review Scopes. Provide Technical (Forensic) Accounting - CPA-level Certifications of any/all levels ) - local, district, appeals, state or federal healthcare.
  • Interacts with all levels of an organization - clinical, financial, administrative, training, educational, and information systems - that employ patient data in decision-making and everyday operations.
  • Provide Exit Strategies and Placement HR/Board of Directors, Consulting - Staffing at all levels.
  • Federal ASPR/FDR - Procurement Specialists - Initial all the way through renegotiation. Healthcare - Medical Billing and Coding Specialists
  • Consultants For All Legal Expert Witness Healthcare Support, as well as Court and Jury Analysis,
Review job opportunities for exist and future professional (new expansion) transitions in multiple settings throughout the healthcare industry. These include the continuum of care delivery organizations, including hospitals, multispecialty clinics and physician practices, long-term care and plans, mal-practice (clinical and/or professional ethics), mental health, and other ambulatory or institutional care settings. Our professionals treat other senior or professionals - confidentially. Our praactice has seen significant expansion in nonpatient care settings, with careers in managed care and insurance companies, software vendors, consulting services, government agencies, education, medicaid/medicare fraud, and pharmaceutical companies.

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